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'Destiny 2' Gameplay: Bungie Prepares Rewards for Loyal, Returning Gamers


  • 'Destiny 2' Gameplay: Bungie Prepares Rewards for Loyal, Returning Gamers

    By Jessica Ferrera
    Destiny 2 Promo Picture

    A promotional photo for the video game "Destiny 2."

    Recently, Bungie revealed that returning players from the first title "Destiny" who will continue playing "Destiny 2" will get exclusive rewards and perks.

    In a recent blog post, Bungie confirmed that veteran "Destiny" players will have the chance to carry over some of their items from the first game and onto the upcoming "Destiny 2."

    While Bungie does not want to spoil anything about the upcoming online-only game, they deemed it is necessary for "Destiny" players to know that some of the emblems yet to be earned until Aug. 1 can be carried over to the "Destiny 2" game.

    Bungie said in the blog post: "In 'Destiny 2,' the real estate just above your Guardian in the character screen is being commandeered to reflect the design of your currently equipped emblem."

    The game developer added that emblems can still be seen in orbit when players create their Fire team. With that, Bungie gives players a good list of tips on "the things you'll need to accomplish in order to add them to your new collection."

    However, some emblems are not for everyone. "Some of these emblems have been reserved for Guardians who stood together during specific, triumphant moments in time," Bungie explained.

    For example, players who joined "Destiny" at a much later time can no longer collect the emblems from finishing several events related to the Moment of Triumph that commenced at the game's first year.

    On a good note, Bungie listed the remaining activities where players can still earn valuable items that they can transfer to "Destiny 2." Bungie also advised players that they need to complete some events to receive the reward.

    Every weekend until Aug. 1, players of "Destiny" can continue to join the Trials of Osiris. The Iron Banner and the King's Fall raid are both set on July 4. On July 11, the featured event of the week is called the Wrath of the Machine.

    The Crota's End raid and the Daybreak month begins on July 18. On July 25, Bungie will feature the Vault of Glass raid. Then on Aug. 1, the claiming of the Age of Triumph shirt ends.

    "Destiny 2" is slated to release on Wednesday, Sept. 6, on consoles and Tuesday, Oct. 24, on PC.

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